Storm and Hurricane Shutters Offer Peace of Mind

Rest assured for the next storm…

     Rolling shutters are the easiest way to protect your home from damages typically associated with high winds, driving rain, and wind-borne debris.  Rolling shutters, or hurricane/storm shutters, act as reinforcements to the most vulnerable areas of a home.  Large window and door openings are susceptible to failure due to extreme conditions.  With the proper protection of a double walled end retention aluminum hurricane shutter, you can rest assured knowing that you are shuttered down, safe, and secure.

        Hurricane vs Security: Know the Difference

Beachfront Storm or Storefront Security…

     We carry a multitude of shutter models ranging from simple mall kiosk security to large beachfront storm protection.  However storm and security shutters are not universal, meaning that while a beachfront shutter would technically work for the mall kiosk, the mall kiosk would not function in the beachfront application.  Unfortunately we have seen specific instances where homeowners weren’t told any better and only came to find out after a major storm.  What they thought were “hurricane shutters” quickly turned to plastic flaps and their entire home was destroyed by water.  A shutter is simply not just a shutter as one may presume. As a consumer, it is extremely important to learn about different designs, slats, and levels of protection.  Whether you have the interest to know more or you would prefer our professional expertise, you can trust Garden State Shade for a durable, quality, and effective solution.

 Keeping the great Garden State safe with storm and hurricane shutters.
Keeping the great Garden State safe with storm and hurricane shutters.

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