Gloucester Township Retractable Awnings

Using the deck or patio of your Gloucester Township home can be a pleasure – but only some of the time, if you have the sun beating down on you at certain parts of the day or have to deal with rain or insects. With a retractable awning or patio screen from Garden State Shade, you can make the most of your outdoor spaces and keep the inside of your home more comfortable, too.

Our retractable awnings provide Gloucester Township homeowners with more usable outdoor spaces in which to entertain guests or just relax, while adding to your home’s appearance. Not only do our awnings keep your outdoor spaces cooler, they can also help keep the interior of your home cooler (thus lowering your energy bills), and also protect interior furnishings from fading and sun damage.

We also offer Gloucester Township retractable patio screens that can do even more to shield you from the elements while still allowing that great-outdoors feel! These screens protect your privacy without blocking your view, and also help keep the wind, rain and insects out.

And if protecting your home in the event of dangerous weather is a concern, we offer residents in Gloucester Township hurricane shutters / storm shutters that offer superior protection as well as peace of mind.

Contact Garden State Shade today to learn more about our Gloucester Township retractable patio screens, retractable awnings and storm shutters.

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