Retractable Awning Maintenance Tips

A retractable awning is a great way to get some shade from the sun. Instead of worrying about a bulky umbrella, retractable awnings let you control how your outdoor space looks, depending on your needs. This means you can enjoy the sun in the afternoon before expanding the awning for an al fresco dinner within seconds.

If you’re wondering how to maintain a retractable awning, stick around for what you need to know. 

Importance of Regular Maintenance

It’s generally recommended to clean your awning at least once a month. This ensures that your awning functions as it should, especially when it consistently faces different types of weather, such as wind, rain and more. 

Regularly maintaining your awning will prevent it from breaking or malfunctioning over time. This helps keep your awning looking brand new with minimal effort. 

Retractable Awning Cleaning and Care Tips

Before cleaning your awning, it’s important to dust off any debris and dirt with a soft brush. You can then clean your awning with a garden hose and mild soap to get out any tough stains. You can even make your own cleaning solution with soap and water in a spray bottle if that’s easier to manage. This will help prevent mold and mildew from accumulating over time. 

It’s also recommended to lubricate your awning at least once a year. If your awning is making a rattling noise when operating, this is a telltale sign you need to lubricate your device. 

Inspecting and Repairing Tips

It’s always a good idea to thoroughly analyze your awning after each use. The sooner you spot a tear or small hole, the easier it’ll be to treat. The longer you wait to repair a torn awning, the more difficult and expensive the project will be. 

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