Adding a retractable awning to your patio, deck, or outdoor living space creates a cool, shady retreat on sunny summer days. At Garden Gate Shade, the leading retractable awning installation and service company in the greater Egg Harbor Township area as well as surrounding areas in southern New Jersey, we take pride in partnering with you to improve your outdoor living space. We offer retractable awning installation with motorized options for easy and quick use. Our wide selection of awning fabric allows you to create a custom look that enhances the natural beauty of your home.

At Garden Gate Shade, we provide free quotes and will tailor your patio awning to your specific needs, including the method of awning installation that best suits your home and outdoor space.

What Are the Different Types of Installations?

No two homes are the same, so choosing the right installation method for your patio awning is critical to increasing the effectiveness of the awning and extending the life of the awning. The following are the three main types of retractable awning installations.

Wall-Mounted Awning Installation

As the name implies, your retractable awning is installed by mounting it to an exterior wall of your home. This includes exterior home walls made of brick, stucco, siding, wood, or other materials. The hardware used for each of these different mounting surfaces varies slightly, so professional installation is important.

The wall used for mounting should be vertically flat with adequate height to allow for the awning and the awning hood, as well as the mechanical components. Generally, retractable awnings require a minimum installation height of 8 feet, but that can vary or be higher based on existing exterior doors and other exterior structures shared on the installation wall.

Roof-Mounted Awning Installation

Roof-mounted awning installation offers you an option for single-story homes as well as an option for multi story homes where the exterior wall has features that may cause obstructions to a wall mounting installation.

Mounting the awning to the roof of your home offers the additional benefit of providing shade to all the windows below the line of the roof, creating shade both on the exterior of your home and shading the interiors rooms with windows beneath the awning.

Special roof brackets are used to safely install a roof-mounted awning, and angled rafter adapter brackets can be used to overcome the challenge of installing on a steeply pitched roof line.

Soffit-Mounted Awning Installation

This unique installation method allows your retractable awning installation team to mount the awning under your roof line to the soffit rather than to the roof itself or to the wall. This option requires special soffit brackets and your team of installation experts from Garden Gate Shade can assess your home to ensure that this installation option is both safe and effective.

Benefits of Deck or Patio Retractable Awnings

There are several reasons a retractable awning installed on your deck or patio can make your home’s outdoor space a more comfortable, useful place to spend time: 

  • For one thing, a patio or deck awning offers welcome shade when you need it most during those hot summer months. 
  • It also offers some protection from inclement weather, letting you stay outside and enjoy a summer rain shower while keeping you and your patio furniture dry. 
  • Awnings installed over windows can also help you save on your energy bills and protect your furnishings by shielding your home’s interior from harsh sunlight but allowing natural light to come in when you want it to. 
  • And finally, a fabric awning is very easy to match to your home’s exterior for exactly the look you want! We have a wide range of awning fabric colors and patterns to choose from. 
  • Because awnings offer more protection from wind and rain, you can enjoy spending time on your deck or patio for more of the year. Enjoy better outdoor living in almost every season with a retractable awning from Garden State Shade!

Things to Consider When Choosing a Retractable Awning

There are different types of awnings, but commercial buildings often have a metal awning installed over their outdoor areas, while fabric awnings are typically found in residential homes with decks and patios. 

You also have your choice of manual or motorized options for your retractable awning. Both manual and motorized retractable awnings can provide shade on decks and patios, but motorized awnings are much faster to use than manual awnings. They even come with a remote control to make it that much easier! 

When choosing a retractable awning, be sure to consider the amount of shade you want to create and the type of area you want to cover with your retractable awning. 

If you’re building a deck or patio, this is something to consider during the planning stages. During the initial planning phase, other factors to consider are whether your area will get exposed to harsh weather conditions that could cause deterioration of the awning or damage its color from prolonged sun exposure.

The total amount you want to invest in a retractable awning installation for your deck or patio may vary based on costs associated with electrical outlets and accessibility to the installation site. 

Retractable awning installation is a complicated job that requires a high level of precision in order for the awning to expand and retract smoothly. In addition, an awning must be mounted, which can be dangerous if done incorrectly. For this reason, professional installation is highly recommended. 

Why Have Your Awning Installed by a Professional?

Many websites geared toward DIYers offer advice on home improvement projects, including installing a retractable awning. At Garden Gate Shade, our professional installation team has the experience, knowledge, education, and skills to successfully and safely install your retractable awning while maintaining the structural integrity of your home’s exterior.

Don’t wait for the hot summer sun to make your outside living spaces unbearable. Call Garden Gate Shade today and ask for more information about your options for retractable awning installation. Your patio or deck can be a cool and shady retreat you’ll love to spend time in.

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