Garden State Shade

Retractable Patio Screens

Screens will change the way you live…
Let’s redefine outdoor living together. Imagine the convenience of turning your covered area into the ultimate oasis that…
  • Protects you from the sun throughout the day
  • Keeps annoying insects away
  • Eliminates wind driven rain from restricting your space
  • Transform intolerable winds into a gentle breeze
  • Allows you visibility while creating privacy from the outside
  • Turns a single season area into a multi-purpose 3 season room
…all with a single tap on a remote control.

Retractable Screen Composition

Know the basics, understand the features…
Retractable Screens are relatively simple to comprehend. They are the perfect addition to any outdoor area with open walls and a permanent roof. Frequently used on covered porches, decks, patios, and lanais they are also used as exterior shades for windows and doors. The framework of a retractable screen consists of…
  • An overhead box (usually 4″-5″ square) mounted above the opening in which the screen fabric rolls in and out.
  • Two vertical rails that guide the screen as it rolls into place.
  • Screen fabric, usually measured by openness percentage, comes in many different colors and opaqueness.  10% openness is a common selection due to its versatility.
  • While manual operation is available, most screens are motorized.  The tubular motor is protected within the box.

Rail and fabric for retractable patio screens are shown. Notice the zipper edge on the fabric which locks into place and creates your private, protected paradise.
The outdoor living revolution of the 21st century has arrived. Maximize your comfort and enjoy life while relaxing in a controlled environment. Dramatically increase the use of your outdoor area, add efficiency, and reclaim your space back from the elements.
Stay tuned to learn more about Retractable Screens.