Adding shutters to a home is an excellent way to create a shaded area and give homeowners more privacy. Here are some helpful things about shutters and the products we think homeowners should try.

Are Security Shutters Worth It?

To help provide better security and minimize what potential intruders can see, security shutters are an option. These shutters offer an extra layer of protection in doorways or windows. They’re also designed to withstand direct impacts, so if someone attempts to enter a home, they’ll provide additional security against entry.

Security shutters are worth it in terms of design, too. Why? There are different colors and styles, like rolling shutters or accordion shutters, to fit the preferred look of the home.

Types of Shutters

There are several types of shutters we think homeowners (or any property owners) should consider for their homes. There are eight kinds of roller shutters, including:

  • Exterior roller shutters
  • Interior roller shutters
  • Manual roller shutters
  • Built-in roller shutters
  • Roller shutters with electric motors
  • Built-on roller shutters
  • Roller shutters made with aluminum 
  • Transparent shutters

Each kind of shutter offers different benefits. For example:

  • Exterior shutters are mounted outside the building, while interior shutters are used inside.
  • Manual shutters don’t have a motor, but those with electric motors do.
  • Built-in shutters go inside the frames of doors or windows, while built-on shutters go outside the frames.
  • Aluminum shutters provide strong support against heavy winds and add a layer of security to windows and doors.
  • Transparent shutters provide security support without adding color to windows or doors.

With so many options, it is essential to find the right solution for the particular building based on the factors important to the owner.

How to Choose the Right One for Your Home

For choosing the right shutter for a property, our opinion is that there is no one simple solution that is right for everyone. Each kind of roller shutter has benefits or downsides. 

Property owners have to think about what they need out of the shutters. Do they want to minimize costs? Manual rollers might be the best option. Are they interested in heavier security? Motorized rollers made of aluminum could be the right choice. Opting for external aluminum rollers may be a good choice for areas with heavy storms to prevent damage from wind or hail.

Do Security Shutters Deter Burglars?

Security shutters do deter burglars. The reason is simple: Burglars want to break into buildings that are easy to get into. The mere presence of shutters could be enough to deter them because they realize that it will take longer to break in and, potentially, could lead to their arrest. 

No one wants to do a job that is twice as difficult, and that includes burglars. So, those who want to minimize their risk of burglaries may want to install internal or external roller shutters to limit the vulnerability of entrances into the home. Aluminum shutters are a good choice, as they provide the strongest resistance against breaking and entering. 

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