Here’s the skinny!  This southern exposed rope/pulley operated retractable window awning was hanging around for about 12-15 years.  It was only retracted when stronger storms were expected to pass through the area.  That means it was extended for nearly its entire life and completely exposed to the elements.  We aren’t exactly certain how many times it was cleaned,  but we do know an attempt to power wash the awning fabric was made. That’s not a good idea, hand wash only folks.  Please don’t ever power wash your awning!  

Now the cleaning thing is a whole other story with a very different ending (which will be addressed in the future), but really this awning is a beast, an old war hero if you will!  After all that it has been through, there is no fraying in the binding or stitching and despite the “growths” there are no holes in the fabric.  It’s a true testament to the difference in strength and longevity between quality (10-15 year) and inferior fabrics that we have seen fade, fray, and unravel within two to five years.  (Quick relevant side note: we received a phone call just the other day from a kind person inquiring about a recover for their retractable awning which was purchased from a local big box retailer.  It was fraying and discolored after only 3 years of exposure.)  An annual cleaning or two could’ve certainly extended this window awning’s 12-15 year lifespan even longer. 

It’s a good case study in awning longevity, and we plan on taking full advantage of this specimen.  As it lives out its last days, we are preparing the laboratory for some scientific evaluation.  But in the meantime, we think the new one looks a lil’ better, wouldn’t you say.  We will keep you posted, stay tuned, and thanks for stopping by. 

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The Garden State Shaders

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