What drives one to start their own company?  Why would anyone drop the security of a steady job and risk everything?  I can only speak for myself, but I don’t think I’m alone in what makes me tick…

There’s a multitude of reasons and particular situations that brought on the arrival of GSS, but I wanted to share (what I think to be) one of the common denominators that drives a person down the road less traveled.  It all started earlier today when I thanked someone for calling me back.  He chuckled and said isn’t that what you would expect?  It made me think.

When it comes time to make any type of purchase, no matter how large or small, a consumer should come to expect a few givens from the business.  It’s exactly like proofs (if…then…), if you recall your algebra.  Or should I say, “If (A) you passed Mrs. Eslow’s 10th grade geometry class, then (B) you better remember proofs!”   

That being said…

If I’m the consumer eating a meal at a restaurant, purchasing a toy from a toy store, or contracting a retractable awning/screen/shutter from Garden State Shade, then there are expectations for the business in which I choose to patronize.  That choice, or competition is inherently the basis for what makes a capitalist free-market economy.  With contracting, I expect my contractor to be accessible, responsive, and prompt.  Time is precious and we can’t afford to waste it by waiting around all day.  It’s not too much to ask for a call back or to show up on time, is it?  I’d like to know that they are knowledgeable, reasonable, and personable.  I want to learn more about what I don’t know from a specialist who understands my situation and knows how to solve my problem.  I’m not looking to “be sold,” I’m looking to buy.   Be honest and straight up with me.  If you can’t help, don’t pretend that you can or try to just for the fact of selling me something.  Treat me like family because I’ll be supporting yours with my patronage.  Take time to do it the right way.  Of course we all want the best price, but I’m also willing to pay a little more to make sure that the job gets done properly and lasts the way that it should.  If you want my business, which is in essence earning my trust,  is this too much to ask?

This week, a few situations served as friendly reminders as to how and why GSS was created.

–I’ve spent well over 10 hours on the phone, had two service calls, and finally after 6 weeks my internet, TV, and phone are working at an “acceptable” level.  95% of that time was an utter waste for both parties! 

–Later that day, Garden State Shade is seeking to purchase service of another company.  After contacting the service company our voicemail was left unreturned for three days.  One of the things we did in those 72 hours was find another responsive and accessible service provider.  

The second unacceptable scenario described above played out another three times this week alone as we sought out companies to contract for their services.  These are the things that make us tick!  The sickening situations will never occur with Garden State Shade. Admittedly we are a shady company with some shady people, but above all we are honest. Founded on professionalism and efficiency, we respect your time and welcome the opportunity to earn your trust.  

Keep it cool, stay shady.

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