Temps were in the 60’s for much of the day on the Atlantic County mainland, but ended up dipping a bit in the afternoon.  A quick stroll through Longport, Margate, and Ventnor proved a tad more brisk than to be desired while the winds were enough to cut the trip short of Atlantic City and Brigantine.  However, make no mistake we’ll take what we can get in February.  A little beach time helps keeps the mind fresh regardless of the temperature.  Not quite an awning day just yet, but another few degrees warmer with abundant sunshine and we may suggest otherwise.

Although we are not quite there yet, spring is the true beginning of awning season.   As soon as the weather finally turns and the sun starts to shine, the craving for shade begins! Retractable awning interest typically peaks around mid to late spring leading up through Memorial Day weekend.  It’s a great time of year where we are all happy to be outside in the fresh air after a long winter of hibernation.  But there is unfortunately a very depressing and sad aspect to all of this joyous spring bliss.  Brace yourself.   Many of these same “spring retractable awning consumers” know earlier in the year (cough, cough…like NOW!) that they will at least entertain the addition of a retractable awning, but they won’t take any action for another few weeks at best.  Hold that thought and flashback to a time long ago, say high school (okay maybe college too) when one may (or may not) have waited until the last minute to write a term paper, or two. Does that sound familiar?  One’s work was always able to achieve passing marks, but there could have been a few times when one may (or may not) have been able to do a whole lot better with (cough, cough…—->) early action.  Guilty as charged.  But as one does in school, we learn and then we redeem!  Procrastinate, delay, filibuster call it what you want, it’s rarely ever been a desirable trait.  Waiting on an awning will end up costing hundreds of dollars.  As with many seasonal products such as snow shovels, skis, bathing suits, or your favorite Margarita toting pool float off season discounts are quite common.  A retractable awning is the same way.  Oftentimes (cough, cough….again!) manufacturers will offer a variety of pricing incentives to help boost these slower months.  It’s the easiest way to save a few dollars and/or take advantage of a Somfy home automation accessory promotion.  

As stated earlier, spring has not quite arrived yet (cough, cough!!!), but it is only a few weeks away.  If you are one of those aforementioned “spring people” we hope your found this article helpful. And if you couldn’t figure out why we are coughing so much, it’s not because of a cold (although admittedly we may be a little sick). Stand up and check your cushions for the valuable lost cents of humor.

We are looking forward to an early spring, and thankful for the warm weekend! It’s amazing how a nice day lifts spirits and brings people out and about.  Keep it shady, or else we will!


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