Welcome!  It sure doesn’t feel like it, but spring is rapidly approaching.  We’re coming down the homestretch.  That also means an extra hour of daylight is on its way, only a few more weeks.  All of this excitement after a solid and sloppy 12”-15” of the fluffy white stuff blanketed the Mid-Atlantic last weekend.  Hopefully that means the seasonal demise of Ol’ Man Winter.  At this point, we have had enough of cold.  We are ready for the warm sunshine (and of course, cool shade!).   We’ve been held captive for too long now, it’s time to get out of the house!  Gloves, hats, scarves, mittens, boots, parkas, skis, snowboards, and shovels AWAY!

We have seen increased interest in a few different, lesser known products over the past few years. Namely, the zipper screen which has received rave reviews.  It’s a screen that can enclose any covered area and protect against sun, rain, wind, and bugs all while increasing privacy.  Most popular applications are on covered porches, garages, and pergolas to name a few.  Also receiving a rather warm welcome is the Sun Roof Plus (a motorized retractable fabric cover for pergolas or free standing).

A big warm thank you for stopping by to stay updated on what’s happening at Garden State Shade. 

We’ll see you soon.

The Garden State Shaders!

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